My offer


Here is a brief overview on what you can expect from me:

  • Get free stuff - things like a pdf version of the great humorous booklet "kill your project - 21+1 easy ways to perdition", but also fantastic templates for your daily work, find out why icebreakers should be part of any meeting and have a look on even more free documents!
  • Find out what SIC-Talks are and why they are great in finding solutions for your program or project!
  • Let's meet online or in person during my Keynotes or Workshops and get an idea of what you can find in my Online Academy!
  • Read about my Project Health Check, which is both a single module and part of my Program/Project Support
  • And last but not least, take a look to my Commitment, what Goal Orientation means to me and what I do Promise you


First of all, we should get to know each other. To make it easier for you to get to know my way of working and the quality of my work results, take a look at some of my documents that will help you to improve your daily project work effectively and sustainably.

Kill your project

6 out of 21+1 Kill your project - easy ways to perdition pdf Booklet

Effective project handovers

Professional and effective project handovers for all eventualities – e.g. during onboarding, change or replacement of the project manager

Weekly & daily planner template

Weekly & daily planner template for the targeted and effective structuring of your working day and working week, taking into account your needs - which may not be clear to you at first


Over 50 great meeting starters using ice-breakers – your easy way to focused meetings with great side effects on teambuilding

If you have any questions about these documents or their content, please get in touch with me. I'm sure I can help you.

SIC Talks

The SIC Talks (Solutions & Ideas for Challenges) are primarily about challenges and problems in your program or project. But other topics from the world of work or that have an impact on it can also be discussed there.
In short, the SIC Talks are an open format for discussing, brainstorming and solving these challenges.


By the way, I call them SIC-Talks (from sick) to make it easy for you to remember that if there are challenges in your program or project, i.e. if it is already sick or is about to catch a cold, you have an opportunity to talk about these challenges and generate ideas and solutions to cope.

The SIC Talks take place at regular intervals. If you have any questions about the SIC Talks, you are very welcome to contact me.

Keynotes, workshops and online-academy

Here is a brief insight into my keynotes, workshops and into the content of the online-academy

Crisis situations - Ability to act in the project

This is a compilation of my keynotes and workshops on the topic:


Crisis situations - ability to act in the project

What we can learn from special units


Kill your project - online academy

In my online academy, if you book a corresponding package, all project team members can find out about project basics. There, I take a slightly different approach to the typical mistakes made in projects. And, of course, it's also about how to avoid them. My online academy is not just a dry and boring way of imparting specialist knowledge, as you might expect. I use humorous exaggeration to teach the project team directly what not to do - and how to do it better.


This is a quick compilation of parts of my content in the online academy

If you have any questions regarding the online academy, the keynotes or the workshops, please do not hesitate and ask your questions.

Project Health Check

During this phase, I will put your project through its paces. I will have very intensive discussions with the project team members and find out what's wrong and how we can improve it. I will review the project plan and start to optimize it together with the team members. I will look at the project culture and the project structures. I check the communication channels and identify optimization potential there. In short, I provide myself and you with an optimal overview of the project and point out where changes are sensible or even necessary. Of course, everything that can be improved in a timely manner is already initiated in this phase. If your project has not yet been launched, you can also benefit from this module, as I will derive a basic project development with your team that covers the same topics as written previously.


For details on the project health check, let us talk by phone, vc or meet in person.

Programm and Project Support

general Program and Project consulting and support services

Program and project management includes my general consulting and support services for the program or project. Typical tasks include

  • project initiation
  • project planning
  • work package definition
  • risk management
  • task tracking
  • deadline tracking
  • team leadership
  • supplier management
  • internal and external communication
  • preparation and follow-up
  • conducting meetings
  • documentation

We will define the exact tasks together in the role definition.


But there is more!

Team soft skills development & systemic coaching

The soft skills development and systemic coaching of the project team takes place remotely. Here, a specialist expert coaches those team members who wish to take advantage of this offer via video conference on current relevant professional topics from their day-to-day project work. This includes, for example, dealing with conflicts in the project team, problems in day-to-day project work, dealing with the workload or preventing burnout. It also deals with how to initiate change processes and how to deal with upheaval and crisis situations, for example.


And we are not yet finished...

Teambuilding & Events

Team building is a much underestimated part of the project business. A team that sees itself as a team and fights for a common goal is much more effective in its implementation and at the same time more resilient to internal and/or external disruptions. A good dose of team building and team events is essential for every project. Depending on the package booked, I will be able to surprise and inspire you and the project team in this respect.

Still more to get

I will not go into depth for it right here. But there is still more to get for you:

  • Crash Crew Support
  • Premium Safety System
  • Online Akademie
  • Team Building Megabooster
  • Cool Down Package

Let us talk about this in person, by phone or online. I am happy to answer your questions there.

Commitment, Goal Orientation and Promise


My personal commitment to the project includes

  • Assumption of overall responsibility
  • Proving myself in crisis management
  • Representation of your interests
  • Identifying and solving problems at an early stage
  • Overcoming complex challenges
  • Taking advantage of growth opportunities
  • Clear prioritization of tasks
  • Creation of a transparent project structure
  • Implementation of detailed and crystal-clear project planning
  • Rapid realization of quickly implementable solutions
  • Systematic monitoring and consistent completion of pending tasks
  • Promotion of the team's personal responsibility
  • Formation and management of an efficient team
  • Coaching and further training of project team members
  • Promoting motivation within the team
  • Restoring enjoyment of work among those involved in the project
  • Improving and managing internal and external communication
  • Ensuring the flow of information to the client
  • Optimizing the project culture
  • Strengthening customer confidence

Project goal orientation

  • Definition and clarification of the project objective
  • Communicating the project objective to all participants
  • Ensuring the best possible achievement of objectives


I guarantee that you will experience ALL of the above benefits during our collaboration.